Office Hours

I will make it a practice that after class I will head over to BIF, get a coffee, and perhaps a light lunch, and then find a spot to hunker down and decompress.  If you'd like to join me in that I'd be delighted, unless I've got a previously scheduled appointment.  If that happens, I'll make a note of it in class so you don't waste your time looking for me.  We can discuss course work or anything else you'd like to discuss.

If you have something else going at that time but you'd liked to meet with me outside of class, just contact me to make an appointment.  Email is the best way to do that.  You can use either my campus email or the email I use with this site.  The addresses are:

larvan at and
prof.arvan at

You only need to use one of those.  Please suggest some convenient times for you in your message.

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