Comments are encouraged for members of the class and the general public too. If you'd like to identify yourself with your comment, the Comment Tool offers a variety of ways of doing that. Members of the Econ 490 class are encouraged to  log into Blogger first.  Then your comment will be signed with the alias you've used attached to your Blogger account.

There is a spam blocker in the comments tool. It flags some of the most egregious comments. But there are other reasons to block comments: profanity, disrespectful tone, a copyright violation or some other breach that should not be accommodated, and possibly other reasons.  My practice will be to have comments published immediately, but if I think the comments really should have been blocked, then I will remove it. 

Comments will not be blocked because they disagree with what I have to say or what students in the class have to say. Someone, however, needs to determine whether there is a legitimate reason to block the comment. That someone is me. I will try my best at this. But I'm human and might very well make an error in judgment. If you believe that is the case, please contact me and we'll try to resolve the matter in a civilized way.

Professor Arvan


  1. Can someone give me a clue on solving the last question of excel homework dues this Wednesday?