Useful LInks

  • Class Site in Moodle (We will only use Moodle for providing assessment of student work and keeping the grade book.)
  • PowerPoints at U of I Box
  • Excel Files at U of I Box
  • Library Site on Academic Integrity
  • Campus Code 
  • Emergency Planning
  • Herbert Simon Nobel Lecture  (This gives some foundations on why there should be an economics of organizations.) 
  • George Akerlof on Labor Contracts as Partial Gift Exchange (A sociology approach to making a cooperative work environment.  If you are on the Campus network, you should have access to the full article.)
  • William Deresiewicz on Leadership and Solitude (This is not an economics piece, but it is quite good on the value in an individual making independent judgments.)
  • Professor Arvan on Uncertainty  (This provides some bio info about professional experiences relevant for teaching this course.)
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