Thursday, December 11, 2014

Grades Updated In Moodle

I have done the grade update that now allocates all the points except for the final exam.  Included were 20 points for the remaining Excel (one entry for the Shapiro-Stiglitz model, another entry called Freebie that everyone received), 50 points for Comments on blog posts, and 125 points for Blog Posts Second Half.  With the last there was also some text feedback to accompany the grade.  And I updated the individual blog posts to track your submissions.  Note that I never did enter the submission for the IlliniBucks post, but that has been accounted for already in the Blogs Posts First Half.

I also made a grade distribution of the all the points allocated.  It too can be found in Moodle.  It is a file called All But Final.

So you should know where you stand.

(Students doing Extra Credit projects, those points have yet to be allocated.  I will do that over the weekend.)

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