Saturday, September 13, 2014

First grade upload into Moodle

This morning I did a grade upload, mainly to verify that I can do it when I need to in the future.  But it also serves as a check for you to make sure you've gotten credit for the work you've done.

There were three columns where there is information.  Two of those are Excel Homework: one is for the Tutorial, the other is for the Homework on Efficiency.  If you did them and submitted your key into the online form you got 10 points per assessment.

The other column is for the Blog Post where you supplied bio information about your alias.  There are no points for that.  What you should see is an "x" in the feedback column.  This indicates that I know you wrote that post.  At mid semester, I will make a grade assessment of your blog posts in the first half of the course.  Until then, however, all I will track is that you've done them.

Professor Arvan

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