Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Extra Credit Projects

This is an experiment for me and perhaps something of interest for those in the class who are eager for getting deeper into the subject matter or are looking to self-insure on their grades.

The experiment part is for me to see whether projects of this sort should become a regular part of the course, the next time it is taught.  Here is what I have in mind:

1.  You indicate an interest in doing a project by sending an email to me indicating that.  This must be done within the next two weeks.  Before you do this, note that the project will entail real work on your part.  If the end product shows little to no evidence of such work, you will not receive any credit for it.

2.  Once I've received the email from I will suggest a paper for you on which your project is based.  Alternatively, in your email you can suggest a paper that interests you either from those I've mentioned previously in class or in the online presentations.  As an alternative to a paper, you can review a Nobel prize lecture, such as the one by Herbert Simon or the one by Oliver Williamson.

3.  Your first draft will be a review of the paper you read.  I will give more specific instructions on what needs to be in this review and how you should set it up.

4.  I will provide comments on the first draft and based on those you will produce a second draft/final submission, but the form of this will be like the PowerPoint presentations I've provided at the beginning of the semester.  The paper part will be in the notes area.  Each slide will have a title and an image to illustrate the ideas.  A link back to the image source will be included in the slide.

I will then grade the submission via points.  The maximum possible is 50 points.

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