Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Homework on Adverse Selection and Tomorrow's Class + Blog Grades Uploaded

Based on last year's class as well as on the observation that nobody has yet to submit a key for the Excel homework due tonight, I would say that conceptually the economic models that are the basis for the homework are more difficult to understand than the prior models that we've done.  So I plan to lecture on those models tomorrow.  I don't have a video on this.  I will cover it only in class, tomorrow.


I have assigned grades for your blog posts during the first half of the course.  There are 5 substantive posts included in this assessment.  I didn't count the bio post you produced about the famous economists who forms the basis of your alias.  Most people are doing a reasonably good job.  There are a few laggards.  I hope we can get everyone to be writing good posts during the second half of the course.

There were a maximum of 125 points allocated here.  In addition to assigning you points, I have also given some comments on your blogging and where I'd liked to see improvement in the second half.

For many students I wrote that you should try to make connections to your own prior posts, class discussion, or ideas from the readings.  You might find this awkward at first, since you are also writing to the prompt.  Now I'm suggesting that you serve two masters and that is harder.  Be that as it may, I encourage you to try it.  You'll get better at doing it with practice.

Also, when you make such connections it is natural to link to the content you're mentioning, using the link tool in the blog editor.  Having your posts with some links in them creates the impression that you've done your homework.  That's a good thing to convey.


  1. Does this mean that the homework submission date will be extended?

    1. NO! It means you should come to class tomorrow. Attendance has been down. This is encouragement for those who haven't been coming.